Hawks Grand Final Winners and All-Stars

It was a big day at Bendat on Sunday with the WABL Grand Finals taking place and the WABL -All-Stars being announced.

Congratulations to the following;


Grand Final Winners

U14-2Blue Girls

U16-3 Girls

U16-3 Boys

U16CH Boys

U18CH Boys


Grand Final Runners up

U14-2 White Boys

U20 Men


Grand Final MVP’ S  (from the non-championship team)

Lani Johns – 16-3 Girls

Joshua Westland – 16-3 Boys


WABL All-Stars (from Championship Teams)

14C M   Connor Morris
14CM    Jack Kingswood
12C W   Rosie Alchin
12CW    Isabelle Bassett
16C M   Alec McDonald
16C W   Emerson Taylor
18C M   Adrian Nobensi
18CW   Tia Morgan
20 M    Aden Carlton


For a full list of all WABL and SBL award winners for 2018 click here

Posted on Monday 24th September, 2018