What are the Expectations from Hawks of Parents and Players?

All players are expected to abide by our players’ code of conduct.

Players are expected to attend all scheduled training sessions unless unwell. Injured players are still expected to attend training.

All parents are expected to register (link in the registration section)

All Parents are expected to abide by our parents and spectators’ codes of conduct and our zero-tolerance behaviour policy.

Parents are expected to score during State Champs and the WABL Season and are rostered on by Team Managers. Generally, parents will only be required to score one or two game per Season however this depends on the length of the Season. (Training courses will be provided prior to the start of the season.)

A Tablet is used, as in our  Junior Competition games, so most families will already be familiar with this.

Usually, the Visiting team uses the Tablet, and the “Home” team is responsible for timing games – stopping the clock each time the Referee blows their whistle or re-starting the clock when games resume. A game could last for about an hour and 30 minutes, much longer than a Domestic game.

Every team requires a parent to volunteer as team manager

Posted on Wednesday 15th September, 2021