All participants in Perry Lakes Hawks Junior & WABL competitions must accept responsibility for their behaviour.

Perry Lakes Hawks reserves the right to ask any coach, manager, player, parent or spectator to immediately leave the venue should they;

  • Wilfully question or challenge the rulings of the referees
  • Berate or abuse referees
  • Berate or abuse players
  • Berate or abuse other parents or spectators
  • Display conduct which is inappropriate in a sporting environment

No warnings will be given in the event of the above action becoming necessary.

Any such ejection, or failure to leave the venue, will be referred to Hawks Board which may result in further formal actions being put in place.

If you require, or would like to offer feedback or request a clarification on this issue please speak with the Games Controller at an appropriate time or contact the Perry Lakes Hawks office on the next business day.

The adoption of this Zero Tolerance policy has become necessary due to the reported instances of inappropriate and abusive behaviour at competitions conducted by Perry Lakes Hawks Basketball Association.

Our desire is to nurture a safe competitive environment for all participants. We ask any person that feels they cannot refrain from the above unacceptable behaviour to not attend.

Click here for a copy : Perry-Lakes-Hawks-Zero-Tolerance-Policy