In support of the clubs goal to engage with the local community, the Perry Lakes Hawks have established a club members driven Community Partner Program for 2022.

We are seeking all Perry Lakes Hawks members to identify and secure one Community Partner each who will be allocated a partner spot on our Community Partner Program web page. For example, it may be your own business or the business you work for. It could be your local restaurant, a friends business, or entertainment place which would be ideal Community Partners.

If a family would like to become a Community Partner and donate to the club we can put the Family Name on the community website.

Each partner will receive a logo and link to their business or social media pages and all members will be encouraged to use our partners during the year.

At some of our events and NBL1 West Games, Community Partners will have the opportunity to be randomly selected to be our Game Night sponsor enabling additional promotion and marketing of this partner to the attendees.

The cost to become a Community Partner of the Perry Lakes Hawks in 2022 is $150 which is tax deductible

What a great way to support our Hawks!

#Pride #Passion #Perseverance #Respect # Leadership


To become a community partner please email