Thank you for your interest in having your child represent Perry Lakes Hawks.

State Champs 2023 & WABL 2024  Trial Information Brief can be found here

The Process for team selection for WABL 2024 has changed please read all FAQ’s.

Once you have read all the information and looked at the FAQ’s – You can find the registration link in the FAQ under REGISTRATION LINK

This page will continue to be updated with information regarding STATE CHAMPS 2023 | WABL 2024

The frequently asked questions will cover all relevant information in detail.

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WABL – The WA Basketball League (WABL) is WA’s representative junior basketball competition. Basketball associations (clubs) from Perth, the Hills, Rockingham, Mandurah, and Bunbury field teams in this competition.

Each club is invited to enter up to four teams (10 players per team) in each of the following age categories, boys and girls for 2024:

  • U12 (players born in 2013/2014)
  • U14 (players born in 2011/2012)
  • U16 (players born in 2009/2010)
  • U18 (players born in 2007/2008)
  • U20 (boys only – players born in 2005/2006)
  • U21 (girls only – players born in 2004/2005/2006)


STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS -The Basketball WA State Championships is a series of carnivals that run over five weekends from the end of November through to mid-December.

Every Perth-based and country-based basketball association (club) is invited to enter in each of the following age groups, girls and boys.

  • U11 (players born in 2013/2014)
  • U13 (players born in 2011/2012)
  • U15 (players born in 2009/2010)
  • U17 (players born in 2007/2008)
  • U19 (players born in 2005/2006) BOYS
  • U20 (players born in 2004/2005/2006) GIRLS

Hawks use State Championships as part of the WABL Team Selection process for the upcoming year.

We ask that you please do not nominate your child for selection in a 2023 Hawks State Champs team if you are not also intending to play WABL in 2024.


WABL is a representative competition where players are selected over others. If selected in a WABL team, players are expected to honour that selection and prioritise their WABL commitments over their commitment to other sports. Players are expected to attend every training session and every game, even if injured.

State Championship Team Selection – This selection and also the State Championship tournaments will be used to select our WABL teams for 2024. Trials are held in October and the  tournaments are in Nov/Dec depending on the age group/division.

The WABL pre-season  starts in early February with one session per week. All players are expected to attend all training sessions without exception.

The WABL grading tournaments are held at the end of February/early March. The grading tournaments for most age groups are held on two days over consecutive weekends. (i.e. Saturday on weekend 1, Sunday on weekend 2.)

At the completion of the WABL grading tournaments, all teams continue to train once a week, normally on a Thursday.

The WABL regular season starts on April 20th 2024. One game per week is played every Sunday for 18 weeks (with a one week break during the July school holidays).

WABL finals  run for three weeks after the regular season concludes.

In summary, the time commitment for WABL is significant


How are WABL Teams selected?

Teams are selected by the WABL selection panel which include age-level coaches past and present. A team is selected on a balance of positions and although your son/daughter maybe for example the 5th best guard in the age group, it does not necessarily mean they will be selected in the first team, as each team requires a balance of players in every position. Selectors are looking at a wide variety of skills and attributes in athletes.  Ability of a athletes is a subjective opinion, teams need to be balanced and if your son/daughter is in the 10 best skilled or the 10 best scorers for example, positional balance needs to ensure there is an appropriate number of athletes selected in each position (guards forwards) and also top age and bottom age in the age group.

Are WABL  basketball athletes allowed to play other sports?

The answer is YES, but representative basketball is a serious commitment and athletes are expected to communicate they are playing other sports on the registration form, this helps with the team balance. Regarding other sports please be aware that Hawks can’t change fixtures to suit other sports. WABL Fixtures normally aren’t available until early April and are fixtured by Basketball WA.

( Please be reminded do not contact Basketball WA, all communication needs to go through the Association, HAWKS)

When will the WABL teams be finalised ?

While teams are named for the State Championship Tournaments, WABL Teams will be finalised after the end of grading. Player movement can happen between divisions and teams up until then. Movement between teams ensure all athletes are in the appropriate teams within the program. Cuts may also occur at this time.




WABL  is played on Sunday’s between 7.30am- 6pm , depending on court availability at venues.

The season is played at home (Bendat basketball Centre) and away at venues from Joondalup to Mundaring and as far south as Bunbury.

Our 2023 State Champs trials will be open trials for our WABL 2024 Teams.  Our Trial process has change from previous years please read all information carefully.

The link to register will open on 12th September with trials taking place in mid-October

Link to Trial  here

Link for an Exemption Request – https://forms.gle/TYSQQhQCfwMp4cSW9

Exemption policy can be found under Polices on the Hawks website, and is also attached in the Exemption Request Form.

Any player can register for, and attend these trials so long as they are born in the following years:

  • 2013/2014  (U11 age group)
  • 2011/2012 (U13 age group)
  • 2009/2010 (U15 age group)
  • 2007/2008 (U17 age group)
  • 2005/2006 (U19 age group) BOYS
  • 2004/2005/2006 (U20 age group) GIRLS

State Championships is held over Five weekends.

The 2023 Fuel to Go and Play BWA State Championships will be held at Bendat Basketball Centre. The dates are:

18/19 November 2023 – Under 11 Boys and Under 13 Girls (Divisions 2–5)

25/26 November 2023 – Under 11 Girls and Under 15 Boys (Divisions 2–5)

2/3 December 2023 – Under 13 Boys and Under 15 Girls (Divisions 2–5)

9/10 December 2023 – Under 17 Boys, Under 17 Girls, Under 19 Boys and Under 20 Girls (Divisions 2–5)

15/16/17 December 2023 – State Titles – All Championship Divisions across all age groups

Unfortunately,  we cannot accommodate this.

We ask that you please DO NOT register your child to trial for a 2023 Perry Lakes Hawks State Champs team if you are not also intending to play WABL  in 2024.

If your child intends to play dual sports during the season, please make the club aware. – enter details in Registration form.

We don’t want teams put at a disadvantage and a solution may can be organised.  Eg train on positions

The WABL Handbook for 2023  below

Click here for the WABL Handbook

2024 Handbook coming soon.



  • 15-20 minutes early so your name can be marked off and players can receive their trial number.


  • As per last year NO Spectators are permitted in the Court area. Spectators/Parents are able to sit and wait in the Cafe area or can leave & collect their child at the end of the session.


  • The correct size basketball for your age. Please ensure it is clearly labelled with your named & preferably phone number too. U11’s Size 5, U13’s Size 6, all other girls age groups size 6 and all other boys age groups size 7.
  • A filled water bottle(or 2)
  • Your mouthguard(these are compulsory for games and training)


  • Wear a Hawks Reversible singlet( or a light & dark T Shirt if you do not have a reversible Singlet)
  • Players ARE NOT to wear State Representative or any other Association attire to tryouts, this is to ensure a fair & open trial process.

Hawks reversibles can be purchased online at the Hawks Shop…..

  • Black Hawks Shorts or other basketball shorts with NO POCKETS.

Click here to visit our Hawks Shop : https://hawksgear.hawksbasketball.com.au/

PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION  as trial selection for WABL 2024 has changed.

All trials will be held at Bendat Basketball Centre unless otherwise notified.

ALL U11 Boys and Girls are required to attend the Open Tryout & WABL Trials (Sat 14th Oct, Sat 21st Oct &  Sat 28th October).

OPEN TRYOUT – NON Hawks WABL Players & Hawks Juniors Domestic Players

Thursday 12th October  7.30 – 9.30pm  U15 &  Boys & Girls & U17 Girls

Saturday 14th October   1-2.30pm     U11 Boys ( U11 athletes will be required to attend  the Open Tryout and WABL Trials)

2.30-4pm     U13 Girls & U11 Girls

4-5.30pm     U13 Boys

WABL TRIALS – current Hawks WABL Players (2023) and invitees from OPEN TRYOUT

Tuesday 17th October     6.30-8.30pm  U17 Girls & U19 Men

Thursday 19th October   7.30 – 9.30pm  U15 Boys & Girls &  U17 Boys

Saturday 21st October   1-2.30pm     U11 Boys

2.30-4pm      U13 Girls & U11 Girls

4-5.30pm      U13 Boys

Tuesday 24th October –   6.30-8.30pm  U17 Girls

Thursday 26th October   7.30 – 9.30pm  U15 Boys & Girls  & U17 Boys & Girls

Saturday 28th October    1-2.30 p m    U11 Boys

2.30-4pm      U13 Girls & U11 Girls

4-5.30pm      U13 Boys

Tuesday 31st October    – 6.30-8.30pm U20W & U19M

Times/Days may change due to registration numbers. Please check our Hawks website for updates.


TRY OUTS ARE CLOSED  to parents and spectators to allow all athletes to perform without distractions.

ALL CORRESPONDENCE IS TO GO THROUGH THE HAWKS OFFICE. hawks@hawksbasketball.com.au not to coaches or others involved in trials process.

All players are expected to abide by our players’ code of conduct.

Players are expected to attend all scheduled training sessions unless unwell. Injured players are still expected to attend training.

All parents are expected to register (link in the registration section)

All Parents are expected to abide by our parents and spectators’ codes of conduct and our zero-tolerance behaviour policy.

Parents are expected to score during State Champs and the WABL Season and are rostered on by Team Managers. Generally, parents will only be required to score one or two game per Season however this depends on the length of the Season. (Training courses will be provided prior to the start of the season.)

A Tablet is used, as in our  Junior Competition games, so most families will already be familiar with this.

Usually, the Visiting team uses the Tablet, and the “Home” team is responsible for timing games – stopping the clock each time the Referee blows their whistle or re-starting the clock when games resume. A game could last for about an hour and 30 minutes, much longer than a Domestic game.

Every team requires a parent to volunteer as team manager

All players in the U12 & U14 age groups need to be playing in our Junior Domestic Competition, also preferred that U16 play in the Junior Competition.

This will help increase the players skill level. Eligibility checks will be run to confirm these players are complying with these requirements.

Trial information – information on all trials is available on our website and other social channels.

Teams will be announced on the Perry Lakes Website and all Social channels will communicate this.

No emails will be sent out with team announcements.

Please remember to be patient with the process it’s a huge job, and we all volunteer our time to allow the children to play basketball.


All players will be required to pay the following:

  • Trial fee – $35 Non-refundable
  • State Champs fee (if selected) – ~$150 TBC
  • Uniform items (if selected and don’t already have these)
    • Blue playing shorts $45
    • Black training shorts $35
    • Training Reversible singlet, $35

If your child wishes to wear a jumper or warmup top while warming up for a WABL game, it must be a Perry Lakes Hawks warm-up top ($50)

  • WABL Registration Fee of $500 approx. TBC
  • $42 Basketball Australia Player Registration fee
  • Game Fee – $15 per player per game (the WABL regular season has 18 rounds)

This year the selection process for WABL 2024 Teams has changed.

It is expected that all athletes wanting to be selected  for a Hawks WABL 2024 Team, will play State Champs.

Hawks understand that not all players will be available to trial on each of our scheduled dates, due to injury, Illness, travel, please read and request an Exemption to Trial. Fill out the form asap, for Perry Lakes Hawks to consider your exemption and to remain in contention for selection.




If you have any questions about Hawks WABL for 2024 or 2023 State Champs trials and selections, please direct them to hawks@hawksbasketball.com.au BUT please ensure you have read all the information above before emailing.

ALL CORRESPONDENCE IS TO GO THROUGH THE HAWKS OFFICE. hawks@hawksbasketball.com.au not to coaches or others involved in trials process.



Teams will be posted here once finalised.



Link will be open on TUESDAY 12th SEPTEMBER 2023   – NOW CLOSED AND FULL

Please read ALL information carefully as the WABL Selection Process has changed.

Registration Link here    

Exemption Request Form

The Exemption Request Policy can be found attached to the Exemption Request Form & is also under Policy section on the Website – please read and fill out the form if you are requesting an exemption for any of the following: Injury, Illness, Travel and State Commitments all criteria is explained in the Policy.