Hawks Family Legacy – The Morcom’s

The Hawks have been blessed with 2 incredible family legacy’s at the club. The Gardiner’s and Morcom’s. Both John and Rick not only had incredible coaching records at SBL level, they both had their children come through the Hawks, 3 of which have played over 200 games each for the Hawks and will be awarded  Life Membership on Saturday Night. Today we look at the Morcom Family, Rick and his daughters Kim and Yppres.

Rick started coaching SBL in 1993 and finished in 2012, he had 2 years out in 2009/2010, coaching 18 seasons and 469 games. Under Rick’s tenure the Hawks reached the finals every year but 1 and played in an amazing 10 Grand Finals winning 6 Championships. Rick also coached countless junior and D-League teams and is still coaching WABL in 2023. Rick also does special comments as part of the NBL1 West game night commentary at our home games.

Yppres played from 1992-2002 and in 2005  and was part of the team who won the championship team in 1998 and 2001 playing over 150 games. Kim started playing for the Hawks in 1992. She played in the championship 4 teams from 2001-2003 and in again in 2008. Kim played over 250 games for the Hawks.

Rick has many highlights from his time at the Hawks but lists his first premiership in 1998 as a special one to win as was the 3 peat in 2001, 2002 and 2003. Rick discussed “The resolve to come back after the previous year where we won every game except the Grand Final. The focus of the girls to not give an inch in those 3 years was outstanding. They were outstandingly together, a great team”. Rick has nothing but praise for the Hawks saying “The quality of the people from the players, to the score bench (who could forget Margaret Wright), to the Admin staff. All outstanding individuals. The Hawks are my team, easy as that. Great people, great tradition, wonderful friendships, and most of all, we never say die. Onwards and Upwards”.

Kim said, “My all-time highlight was winning the 2001 Grand Final after losing the year before. We were such a tight group of girls and had a wonderful coaching staff. To lose the 2000 grand final after winning every regular season game was horrible. In 2001, we won the Pre Season Tournament, finished the regular season on top and won the grand final. Easily my highlight. I loved training every Tuesday and Thursday on Court 1 and Court 5 at Perry Lakes Stadium. I loved that stadium and the people in it. Rocking up twice a week to hang out with some of my best friends and improve at a sport I loved is my fondest memory. Not a better way to spend my 20s!!!”.

Yppres went on to say “The highlight of course is winning the championships, but also the sense of community that we developed as a club, and the friendships formed. During the season, the men’s and women’s teams always supported each other. the women were always there to watch the men play and vice versa. I remember John Gardiner was always at the end of our bench every game eating lollies and supporting us. We would then all go out after games as a group.  Representatives from each team would then coach at the holiday camps. Many of us are still in contact today”. 

When asked what it was like coaching his daughters Rick said, “My girls had to put up with a lot, from people claiming nepotism was the reason they got a game to thinking I was too lenient on them. So far from the truth. Both were terrific players in different ways and neither Yppres or Kim ever took a backward step. They were ferocious competitors who deserved every minute they played. Their teammates knew the score and always supported them both. I am very proud of my girls, both in the way they played basketball, but more importantly, in the way they live their lives”. 

Kim added “It was great having dad as a coach and hard all at the same time. It definitely brought my dad and I closer together and my respect for him grew while I was coached by him. Although, I definitely think I worried about what other people thought way too much. People would comment that I only got a game because he was my dad and that was hard to deal with but I think it also gave me something to prove too. I was scared of my sister because she was tough as nails so I am going to say it was brilliant playing with her because I don’t want any trouble!!!! Seriously though, I wouldn’t have changed a thing”.

Yppres remembers her time playing alongside her sister and with her dad as the coach. “I really enjoyed it, most of the time anyway!!. It’s something very few people get to experience and is often in our conversations today. Playing with Dad and Kim, and those experiences, is part of the reason I always offer to coach/manage for my son’s sports teams as it means lifelong memories you share. Mum can probably tell you that there were also many fights and we had to stay away from Dad if we lost/played poorly!! We often lost the TV after games as Dad watched the game replays over and over again!”

Kim also reflected on what the Hawks meant to her, “Hawks to me means friends and family. When I played for the club, and now being back coaching my son and watching my boys play, I always felt supported and cared about. The club is always made up of wonderful people who give up their time to make the club the place it is. Everyone looks after each other and genuinely wants success for each other. It is an amazing club which is a credit to the people who run it”.


We thank the Morcom Family for their dedication and service to our club and look forward to welcoming them to Bendat on Saturday night to be part of the 50 Year Celebrations.








Posted on Thursday 22nd June, 2023