Hawks Launch 50 Year Artwork

As part of our 50 years celebrations, the Perry Lakes Hawks launched their club artwork project at Gala Day. The artwork is something that  everyone in the club can be a part of.

This artwork will involve the collaboration of past and present players, coaches, managers, referees, officials, club administrators and volunteers.

Everyone taking part will be asked to place their thumbprint on a pre-sketched canvas to form the background of our Hawks logo.

The thumbprints represent the connection and comradeship we have in our Hawks Community.

The artwork will be finished by an artist and on display for future generations of Hawks and as a memory of our 50th Birthday.

The first prints are now on and there will be further opportunities for WABL players coaches and managers who missed out and a special time for our domestic players and referees to be involved.


Stay tuned for more details.







Posted on Saturday 8th April, 2023